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Orchid v3 Styled RBA Atomizer $15.18


Here’s something cool that just hit our favorite overseas vendor. The Orchid v3 RBA Atomizer at just $15.18 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. Whats the big difference? From what I can see… it looks like it now sports a heat sink finned flat top cap and bottom fill hole. Making ... Read More »

RSST RBA Atomizer BLOWOUT $9.98


Here’s an awesome deal on one of my favorite genesis style RBA atomizer. VaporBeast just put the Smoktech RSST RBA Atomizer on sale as their deal of the day. Their sale price is $11.09. Which is already over 75% off the MSRP. But, if you use the coupon code “YEAHBABY” ... Read More »

SAT22 Style RBA Atomizer $12.23


I know that there are more than a few out there in the GOTSMOK community that have been waiting for this to drop. Well, your wait is over. The SAT22 Style RBA Atomizer just hit the virtual shelves over at FastTech at a crazy price. Just $12.23 with FREE WORLDWIDE ... Read More »

Kraken Style Rebuildable $14.99


Just a quick heads up. VapingWalrus just put their stock of the Kraken Style Rebuildable Atomizers on sale for just $14.99! You can choose from two different colorways: brass or stainless steel. Not a bad deal considering that this price is cheaper than FastTech or any other vendor on eBay. ... Read More »

Kayfun Lite Plus v2 Style RBA $18.82


Here’s a great deal for those out there in the GOTSMOK community looking to pickup a Kayfun style RBA on the cheap. FastTech just stocked a new Kayfun Lite Plus v2 Style RBA Atomizer. Price is $18.82 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. Besides the fact that this This Kayfun Lite ... Read More »

Eleaf Lemo RBA Atomizer $33.95


Here’s a great deal for those out there in the GOTSMOK community that wants a “Kayfun” style RBA without paying the price of the authentic Kayfun and refuses to buy a clone. VaperCompany just placed the Eleaf Lemo RBA in stock and ready to ship for just $33.95. FREE SHIPPING ... Read More »

Kayfun Black Edition v3 $34.99-44.99


I always get emails asking me what’s the best Kayfun style atomizer out there. Short answer, the Kayfun Black Edition v3. I just checked and Custom Mod Creation (the maker of the Kayfun Black Edition v3) currently has them on sale. They have 4 different colorways in stock and ready ... Read More »

Mutation X Style RBA Atomizer $8.25


Here’s one that I wasn’t expecting to see at all because the authentic version of this RDA is already so affordable. But with that said… I’m not surprised at all to see the Mutation X Style RBA Atomizer hit the USA warehouse of AngelCigs. And get this, they include a ... Read More »

Vox Edition Orchid v2 RBA Atomizer $19.95


Thanks goes out to Christopher for the heads up on this deal. VoxVapes on eBay has just put up a pre-sale for the “Vox Edition” Orchid v2 RBA Atomizer by Tobeco. And get this… they priced it at just $19.95 with FREE STANDARD SHIPPING included. Not a bad deal considering ... Read More »

Fogger v4 (4.1) Dual Coil RBA $24.99


It looks like vapenw over on the Bay has restocked their awesome deal on the Fogger v4 (4.1) Dual Coil RBA Atomizer. They are offering either the stainless steel or black versions for just $24.99. And, they throw in FREE STANDARD SHIPPING with every purchase. Not a bad deal at ... Read More »


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