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AC-R Rebuildable Tank Atomizer $10.00


Here’s a clone for everyone out there that want clones to not copy logos. But then again… if the logos aren’t copied… then is it really a clone? AngelCigs just placed the AC-R Rebuildable Tank Atomizer on sale for just $10.00! Check out then atomizer. The AC-R features an adjustable ... Read More »

Kayfun v4 Styled RBA $25.99


Here’s a good deal on a Kayfun v4 Styled RBA Atomizer. VapingWalrus just placed their stock on sale for $25.99. Keep in mind that this isn’t a pre-sale price. These Kayfun v4 Styled atomizers are in stock and ready to ship. And, if you get your order over $35… your ... Read More »

Kebo Russian 91 RBA Atomizer $52.50


If you missed out on the Kebo Russian 91 RBA Atomizer deal that I posted over the weekend… well… here’s another chance. Albeit, not as great as the previous deal. It looks like Sun-Vapers is clearing out their stock on the Kebo Russian 91 RBA Atomizer as well. They have ... Read More »

Nomad Style Dripper Rebuildable Atomizer $14.99


Here is a pretty nice deal on a Nomad Style Dripper from a US Vendor. This is definitely not for you cloudchasers out there, but you flavor junkies should get a kick out of this. It features an adjustable airflow hole on the lower part of the atty which delivers ... Read More »

Mutation X V2 Style RBA $42.00


This just hit my desk… Thanks to TJ for bringing it to my attention. There is a PRE-ORDER going on for the Mutation X V2 Style RBA. As far as I knew Indulgence didn’t make a V2 so I don’t know if you can classify this as part of #CloneWars. ... Read More »

Orchid V4 Style Atomizer $12.53-$23.99


The Orchid V4 Style Atomizer has hit the pages of both Ebay and Fasttech today. Both come with free shipping so now you have to decide… Pay $12.53 and wait a month for it to come from China… or pay $23.99 and get it in a couple days from Southern ... Read More »

Russian v2 RBA Atomizer $109.99


The Russian 91% was one of the most popular “Kayfun” styled RBA atomizers. Well… why not make a good thing better? VaporDNA has just stocked the new Russian v2 in two colorways: matt & polished. Each can be had for just $109.99 with FREE shipping and a bottle of MP ... Read More »

CH-uape Reloaded RBA $24.05


The CH-uape Reloaded RBA Atomizer has just the shelves over at FastTech for just $24.05 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. So what’s so different about this version? First off… the Ch-uape Reloaded features a removable/replaceable deck with three different options (standard, wide & curved). Allowing you to rebuild it in ... Read More »

Fogger V5 RBA (Ready To Ship) $25.95


Well, here it is my GOTSMOKIANS… I finally found a vendor that’s trustworthy and has the Fogger V5 RBA in stock and ready to ship. Put the pre sales behind you on this one and jump on them before they sell. No more need for screwing in your connection posts ... Read More »

Igo W Style Rebuildable Atomier $4.99


For those of you that missed the deal I posted on the Igo W Style RDA I posted last week, consider yourself lucky because I found it for cheaper today. 5 bucks for a Igo W Style RDA and this time around it comes with free shipping as well (shipping is ... Read More »


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