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EHpro Kayfun Lite Plus Clone $35.99


I just noticed that MadVapes just stocked the EHpro Kayfun Lite Plus Clone at $39.99. Which isn’t a bad deal by itself. It has all the standard Kayfun Lite features but also adds air flow control. Plus, the EHpro version also comes with the stainless, poly and m tanks. So, ... Read More »

Russian 91 Replacement Parts $5.00


Here’s a first for me. It looks like VaporDNA has just stocked Russian 91 replacement parts. And, from the looks of it, each Russian 91 replacement part costs just $5.00. And, you can use the coupon code to save 10% off. Hey, if you somehow lost or broke a part ... Read More »

Black Fogger V4 RBA $30.34


All you Fogger lovers are in for a treat today. Fasttech dropped the Black Fogger V4 RBA today. They state that its made of stainless steel but they don’t really clarify how they got the matte black look onto it. With that said… it shs the same specs as before ... Read More »

Dome RBA Atomizer Clone $22.00


With its ability to rock different wick and coil configurations, adjustable airflow & variable vapor temperature control… the Dome RBA is a solid atomizer for Nemesis owners out there. But, I swear… didn’t it just release like four months ago? Well, at least Atmomixani got a solid 4 months before the ... Read More »

Smok Magneto RSST Atomizer $29.99


Here’s a awesome atomizer for those in the GOTSMOK community that owns the Magneto MOD. Introducing the Smok Magneto RSST atomizer! It’s basically a newly designed RSST atomizer that turns your Magneto MOD into a genesis style hybrid! And, as if that wasn’t cool enough, the Smok Magneto RSST also ... Read More »

Fogger v4 Rebuildable RDA Atomizer $32.34


The Fogger v4 rebuildable RDA atomizer just dropped over at Fasttech. Price is just $32.34 with FREE SHIPPING included. The only problem is that it gonna take 7 days for it to ship out. And, it will take probably a few more weeks until you actually get it in your ... Read More »


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