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Dbox Puritank Bottom Coil Glassomizer $11.69


This is the 2nd clearomizer deal that I’ve posted today. That has got to be a record! =) Hey, I remember when I posted the first Dbox Puritank Bottom Coil Glassomizer deal a few months ago… they sold like hotcakes. And for good reason. The Dbox Puritank Bottom Coil Glassomizer is a bottom ... Read More »

Dbox Puritank Glassomizer (Pyrex) $11.69


It’s been a minute since I posted a deal on the Dbox Puritank Glassomizer… but hey… a good price is a good price. The beast just placed these on sale for $12.99. Now, if you use the coupon code “YEAHBABY”… the price drops down to just $11.69! And shipping is ... Read More »

DBOX Puritank (Pyrex Tank) $12.79


When we first dropped the DBOX Puritank… they sold like hotcakes. And with good reason. This was what the original Protank should have been. Some might even make the argument that the DBOX Puritank is what the Protank 2 should be too. What’s so good about it? Well, they use ... Read More »

DBOX Puritank (Next Level Protank) $13.49


AKA has been bringing the heat lately. First with the Sentinel clone… that sold out twice. Then they were the first to release the Private v2 clone. Now… they just placed the DBOX Puritank in stock. For those of you who don’t know… the DBOX Puritank is basically a “next ... Read More »


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