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Copper Taurus RDA Atomizer Clone $7.61


FastTech just stocked the Copper Taurus RDA atomizer clone today. And, they were able to price it at just $7.61 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. Not a bad deal at all. I can see how this would look SEKSI sitting on top of something like a copper Nemesis. Keep in ... Read More »

TOBH ATTY v2 Clone (Free Naval Brass Upgrade) $46.99


First off, thanks goes out to Jason for the heads up on this deal. With that said… this isn’t just your regular TOBH ATTY v2 pre-sale. The eBay seller justvapeelectronics just put up the TOBH ATTY v2 clone with the full Lead-Free Naval Brass Upgrade Kit included! Plus, FREE SHIPPING is ... Read More »

Stingray MOD Copper/Red Clone $51.99


Maybe I should have posted this yesterday… being the unofficial Stingray MOD day and all. =) With that said… it looks like CodeVape has started one of the first pre-sales for the Copper/Red Stingray MOD clone. And being one of the first pre-sales… that means the people in it will ... Read More »

Contravene Mechanical MOD Clone $23.72


This release was kinda surprising to me. It looks like FastTech stocked the Contravene Mechanical MOD clone this morning. And, they priced it at just $23.72 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included (as always). To be honest… at first I thought to myself “why in the world would they clone a ... Read More »

26650 Stingray Black/Copper MOD Clone $34.50


Dang, I just noticed that today is unofficially the Stingray MOD clone day. =) Staying with the theme, I just found the 26650 Stingray Black/Copper MOD clone in stock and ready to ship over at fairy-gift. And, get this, they priced it at just $34.50! Not a bad deal at ... Read More »

Dome RBA Atomizer Clone $22.00


With its ability to rock different wick and coil configurations, adjustable airflow & variable vapor temperature control… the Dome RBA is a solid atomizer for Nemesis owners out there. But, I swear… didn’t it just release like four months ago? Well, at least Atmomixani got a solid 4 months before the ... Read More »


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