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26650 Cerberus RDA Atomizer Clone $15.88


We’ve seen the 26650 Cerberus RDA Atomizer Clone before. We just haven’t seen it this cheap. =) FastTech just placed it in stock and ready to ship (in 5 business days) for just $15.88 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. And, the 26650 Cerberus still features a 6 pole design, deep ... Read More »

Sentinel M16 Mod Clone $17.69


There have been a lot of people out there in the GOTSMOK community that have been waiting patiently for this mod to drop. And, it’s been so long that I almost forgot about this. But, FastTech just stocked the Sentinel M16 Mod Clone. I know whatcha saying… this was already ... Read More »

Copper Steampunk Mod Clone $39.23


The Copper Steampunk Mod Clone has just the shelves over at FastTech. I mean, we’ve already seen it before with the previous Copper Steampunk Clone released 5 days ago. But, that one had an antique finish on it. This version looks like plain solid copper with copper contacts and no ... Read More »

SXK Stingray X Clone $35.99


Here’s a quick and dirty deal for those looking to cop the SXK Stingray X Clone. FocalEcig has just stocked them in their USA warehouse! Cost is just $35.99 with FREE SHIPPING included. Pretty good deal if you can still jump on it (less than 20 available at the time ... Read More »

Chi You 4 Seasons Clone $20.00


Here’s a quick heads up for those looking to pick up the Chi You 4 Seasons Clone on the cheap. But, have been waiting for a good deal from a USA vendor. UltraMist just placed the stainless steel and brass versions on sale for just $20.00 with FREE SHIPPING included! ... Read More »

Copper Mankos Mod Clone $26.81


It amazes me how much vape gear you can get for your vape bucks now a days. Just a little over a year ago, $26 would buy you an eGo-C Twist. Now, you can pick up a Copper Mankos Mod Clone that features an adjustable center pin, copper contacts & ... Read More »

26650 Nemesis Mod Clone $30.58


A clone of the 26650 Nemesis Mod has just hit the shelves over at FastTech in two different colorways: stainless steel & black. And it looks pretty nice for the price of $30.58/32.62 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. The 26650 Neme Clone features an adjustable 510 center pin, air flow ... Read More »

Mirandus Mod Clone Set $28.13


I’ve been waiting for the Mirandus Mod Clone Set to hit FastTech for a while now. But, they only have the gold/chrome plated versions in stock. Well, I finally found the brass & stainless steel versions in stock and ready to ship from another vendor. And… the best part about ... Read More »


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