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Hcigar Chi You Clone (With 4 Seasons Tube) $34.99


The Hcigar Chi You clone with the 4 seasons tube just hit 101. And, not at a bad price either. They have it in stock and ready to ship for just $34.99. About $10 more than the Fasttech price. But, considering that Fasttech’s shipping ETA is 3 weeks away… maybe a ... Read More »

Top 5 Deals Of The Week 01/04/14


#1 - Poldiac MOD Clone (Stainless & Brass) $33.52 I hate to do this but hey… when your hot your hot. This is the first week where all 5 top deals come from just 1 vendor. And, there’s no surprise on who that vendor is. First off… check out this Poldiac ... Read More »

Chi You Flat Top Cap (Brass Or Steel) $3.93-4.35


It doesn’t surprise me anymore what Fasttech is able to get in stock. This time around… the Chi You flat top cap in brass or stainless steel. And, in true Fasttech style… it’s priced to sell. This is an awesome accessory for those of us that purchased the Chi You ... Read More »

Top 5 Deals Of The Week 11/02/13


#1 - JM22 MOD Clone Entire Set $19.64 How do you go from the 5th best deal a week earlier to the best deal this week? How about include the 18500 & 18350 tubes and just increase the price by a few dollars. I’d say that’s a pretty good deal right ... Read More »

New Logo Brass Chi You Clone $25.00


Following up yesterday’s release of the new logo Chi You clone… introducing the new logo brass Chi You Clone. What else is there to say except that it’s probably everything that you’ve come to expect form Hcigar. The new logo brass Chi You clone features a polished brass finished with ... Read More »

New Logo Chi You Clone $27.00


I swear… didn’t the new logo Chi You just come out a few weeks ago? Well, those who copped them had at least a month before the clone version dropped. Wow, just typing that is crazy. Anyways, the new logo Chi You clone just dropped today. As you can see, ... Read More »


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