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M11 BCC Starter Kit $15.71


I have a feeling that 14500 mods are gonna start getting more popular. What’s not to like about a smaller (more stealthy) vape? Seriously… you don’t always need a hugh 18650 mod right? =) Well, if you’ve been wanting to try a 14500 MOD but have been waiting for a ... Read More »

Top 5 Deals Of The Week 10/05/13


#1 -¬†Chris Creations Novice MOD Clone $21.75 Considering that China has been on vacation all week… there were still decent deals to be had. That being said… the top deal this week did come out of Fasttech. The Chris Creations Novice clone hit the web. And at less than $22… ... Read More »

Chris Creations Novice MOD Clone $21.75


Finally… a decent 14500 clone has hit the web. Introducing the Chris Creations Novice MOD clone. Now, the main difference between this Chris Creations Novice MOD clone and the original is that this clone is not a hybrid. It features a 510 connector with brass center pin. And honestly… I ... Read More »

Top 5 Deals Of The Week 08/31/13


#1 – Chi You Clone $27.00 This is the 2nd time a Chi You Clone hit the market. And, this is the 2nd time the vape community went bananas! So honestly… was there any other deal that was released this week that could even be considered for the #1 spot? ... Read More »

14500 Bagua Mechanical Clone $19.58


Want a light stealthy mechanical vape? Try a 14500 MOD. Problem is… there isn’t many of them available at the moment. And the ones that you do find cost an arm and leg. Until now. Here’s a source for the 14500 Bagua mechanical clone for just $19.58 + FREE SHIPPING! ... Read More »

Bagua 14500 MOD Clone $26.59


If you’ve followed this website at least for a few weeks… you’d know how popular the 18650/18350 version of the Bagua clone was. But the one complaint that was universal was that everyone wanted a Bagua 14500 MOD clone instead. Well, if you ask… Tek delivers! The Bagua 14500 MOD ... Read More »


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