Regulated Mods

Vamo v5 Variable Voltage/Wattage Mod $25.63


Here’s a pretty good deal on the Vamo v5 Mod. e5cigs has just stocked them at ¬†just $25.63. That’s almost $7.00 cheaper than FastTech’s price! Hey, if you can undercut FastTech by $7, you know you got yourself a decent deal. The Vamo V5 sports the V2 body style with ... Read More »

iTaste MVP v2 Starter Kit $37.94


The newest VaporBeast DOTD just went live. This time, the iTaste MVP v2 Starter Kit is on sale. Priced at just $37.94 with FREE SHIPPING included. At the time of this posting… they still have blue, black and silver in stock and ready to ship. Keep in mind that this ... Read More »

Seven 22 MOD (FREE SHIPPING) $109.95


Here’s a pretty good deal on the Seven 22 MOD by Pioneer4you. VaperCompany has just re-stocked them. And, they have them on sale for just $109.95 with FREE SHIPPING included. For those of us that don’t know, the Seven 22 MOD was one of the first 26650 variable wattage MODs. ... Read More »

MadVapes In House MODs Sale (10% Off)


I just got the heads up on the MadVapes In House MODs Sale going on. From now through May 9th, use the coupon code “MVM10″ at checkout and save 10% off all MadVapes In House MODs! Keep in mind that most of these MODs are already on sale. So, saving ... Read More »

iTaste MVP v2 Starter Kit $38.85


Here’s a pretty good deal in the iTaste MVP v2 Starter Kit. eBay vendor tankrin just put them up for $38.85 with FREE SHIPPING included. You can choose from the following colors: blue, black & silver. And, you can also choose between (2) iClear 16′s or (1) iClear 30. Not ... Read More »

Evod Twist 1500mAh Battery $16.81


FastTech just got something interesting in stock which should make some people happy. What the heck am I talking about? They just placed the Evod Twist 1500mAh variable voltage battery in stock in 5 different color options. Those options being blue, green, hot pink, pink & purple. You can buy ... Read More »

Emerald Green Provari MOD $179.95


Need a little luck? Get the luck of the Irish with the brand new Emerald Green Provari MOD that has just released! OK, I know that was a little corny. But, I also know that there are a lot of Provari fans out there who would love to add this ... Read More »

Anyvape Anymod Express Kit $53.99


Here’s something new. VaporDNA just stocked the Anyvape Anymod Express Kit. And, if you use the coupon code “DNA10″ you can save 10% off their price. Plus, you get FREE SHIPPING. Plus, you get a FREE bottle of MP E-liquid with your purchase! The Anyvape Anymod is a variable voltage, ... Read More »

Vamo v5 Variable Volt/Watt MOD $32.43


It’s been a while since I posted a Vamo deal. But, don’t get it twisted, the Vamo V5 is by far one of the best “bang for your buck” variable voltage/wattage devices on the market. The Vamo V5 combines the body style of the V2 and the PCB & OLED ... Read More »

Vshare Bluetooth Ecig MOD $77.39


This is definitely a MOD you don’t need. But, it is probably one that would be fun to use. =) VaporBeast just stocked the Vshare Bluetooth Ecig MOD. LOL… that’s right… a Bluetooth Ecig MOD! Why does the Vshare need Bluetooth connectivity? So you can answer incoming calls or listen ... Read More »


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