Regulated Mods

Vshare Bluetooth Ecig MOD $77.39


This is definitely a MOD you don’t need. But, it is probably one that would be fun to use. =) VaporBeast just stocked the Vshare Bluetooth Ecig MOD. LOL… that’s right… a Bluetooth Ecig MOD! Why does the Vshare need Bluetooth connectivity? So you can answer incoming calls or listen ... Read More »

Innokin Itaste 134 Mini $104.99


Here’s something new for the GOTSMOK community. 101 just stocked the Innokin Itaste 134 Mini in black and stainless steel. And, in true 101 fashion… of course they priced it at a decent discount to the MSRP. They priced it at just $104.99. Heads up though, it looks like they ... Read More »

E-LVT Variable Voltage/Wattage APV MOD $59.45


The E-LVT variable voltage/wattage APV (advanced personal vaporizer) MOD my not be for everyone. But, there’s nothing wrong with having options right? =) I’m thinking that the E-LVT would be a good APV for those who need/want a MOD that’s a little more rugged. That’s because it’s not only a ... Read More »

Innokin iTaste MVP v2.0 Starter Kit $35.77


Here’s a sweet deal for those out there looking to cop the Innokin iTaste MVP v2.0 Starter Kit. VaporBeast just placed these as their deal of the day. And, they priced it at just $39.74. Now, if you haven’t used the “YEAHBABY” coupon code yet… you can use it to ... Read More »

Whirlwind APV (Fan Assisted MOD) $64.99


Here’s a APV (advanced personal vaporizer) for those who want something a little different. =) MadVapes just placed the Whirlwind APV (fan assisted MOD) in stock and from the looks of it… the black and red have already sold out? Pretty interesting indeed. It’s a variable voltage MOD that has ... Read More »

eVic Clone (Vstar Variable Voltage APV) $41.10


This release was definitely a surprise. FastTech just stocked these Vstar Variable Voltage APVs (Advanced Personal Vaporizers). And, I don’t know about you, but it looks a lot like an Evic Clone to me. The major difference between the two being that this APV is strictly a variable voltage MOD ... Read More »

Smok Ace VV/VW APV MOD (Rainbow Sale) $26.99


Here’s a pretty good deal on the Smok Ace VV/VW APV MOD. MyFreedomSmokes has the color versions (pink, purple, gold & blue) on sale for just $29.95. Now, if you use the coupon code “COUPONISM”… the price falls to just $26.99! Not a bad price at all considering that the ... Read More »

E-fire Wooden VV (Variable Voltage) MOD $22.11


Here’s a pretty awesome deal on the E-fire wooden VV (variable voltage) MOD. PriceAngels has them priced at just $24.57. That’s just a few dollars over the wholesale price! Now, you can use the coupon code “EASTER14″ at checkout and the price falls to just $22.11. Plus, FREE SHIPPING is ... Read More »


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