Regulated Mods

Aspire CF Sub-Ohm Battery $35.99


Here’s something pretty cool. DNA just stocked the Aspire CF Sub-Ohm Battery. And, you can cop it for just $35.99 after the “DNA10″ coupon code. But what is it? Basically… The Aspire CF Sub-Ohm looks like a bigger eGo style battery that’s able to fire sub-ohm atomizers! It supports 0.3 ... Read More »

70 Watt Box Mod $48.90


When this 70 Watt Box Mod first hit the shelves over at FastTech it was only available in black. I told you then… with a little patience (and a couple days) a few more colors would more than likely be available. Well, FT just stocked 2 more colors of the ... Read More »

Vamo v7 (30 Watt) Mod $23.82


I’ve always said… if you can beat FastTech’s price by a few dollars… you know you got yourself a decent deal. So, here’s a decent deal on a Vamo v7 Mod. ChinaBuye has just placed them on sale for just $23.82 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. That’s 3-4 dollars cheaper ... Read More »

IPV Mini By Pioneer4You $59.95


This one interests me a lot because before I became addicted to my iStick… my IPV2 was my go to mod. Still is in some respects. Well, the IPV Mini by Pioneer4You has just hit presale status up on the bay. Vapeoutlet has them for just $59.95 with FREE SHIPPING ... Read More »

Authentic IPV3 150 Watts $109.99


Looking to get a new box mod? Looking for a gift for a vape head in your life? Well, heres a cool little deal that you guys can jump in on for a Authentic IPV3 150 watt variable wattage device. You can choose either black or silver but make sure ... Read More »

SMY 260 Watt Box Mod $139.00


The SMY 260 Watt Box Mod by Simeiyue is one hell of a monster. I’m sure that it’s gonna be popular just for bragging rights alone. =) And if your gonna brag… you might was well be the first to brag right? The SMY 260 Watt Box Mad has just ... Read More »

EHpro Mars 35w 26650 Mod $79.99


Madvapes just placed the EHpro Mars 35w 26650 Mod in stock and ready to ship for $79.99. It looks pretty good for those out there that want a more traditional tube style device. The EHpro Mars is a variable wattage mod capable of 7 to 35 watts in 0.1 watt ... Read More »

70 Watt Box Mod $48.90


A nice 70 Watt Box Mod has just hit the shelves over at FastTech. And, I gotta say… it’s not bad at all for the $48.90 that it’ll cost ya. This 70 Watt Box Mod features an anodized aluminum body, OLED display, support for .2 ohm atomizer & a magnet ... Read More »

iSmoka Eleaf iStick $31.49


For those out there still looking to pick up an iSmoka Eleaf iStick at a good price… VaporDNA has just restocked all 4 colorways. At the time of this posting, they have black, blue, fuchsia & silver in stock and ready to ship for $31.49. To get that price, be ... Read More »

Provari P3 (3 Colors Available) $249.95


What’s new on the Provari P3 front? It looks like they just stocked 3 different colorways. The always in style Satin Silver colorway goes for $249.95. And the Black & Polished versions are a little more at $269.95. But what can I say… some people just need their Black or ... Read More »


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