Nzonic Clone Head For Sigelei #8, #13 & #19 $8.00

Nzonic Clone Head For Sigelei #8, #13 & #19 $8.00

I swear… I’m not trying to make you spend money this Memorial Day weekend. But, this deal is just too cool to pass up. And, I think you would kill me if I didn’t give you guys the 411 ASAP. Abe just placed the Nzonic Clone Head for the Sigelei #8, #13 & #19 mechanical MODs. And for the crazy price of just $8! Head on over and scoop up a Nzonic clone head before they are sold out. And, you better believe these will sell out!


One comment

  1. I’m in for 2… couldn’t pass this up for some reason… hahaha.


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