Mechanical Mods

Authentic Vapewell RDA/GModz $84.99/194.99


Here’s a pretty good deal for those looking to pick up an authentic Vapewell RDA and/or G Modz. 101vape has just placed the atomizer in stock for $84.99. And… they also got the G Modz in stock for $194.99. Now… if you buy both… you will automatically get an instant ... Read More »

Tobeco Chi You Megan (Black) $29.00


Here’s a pretty good deal on the black Tobeco Chi You Megan Styled Mechanical Mod. VapeShowroom over on the Bay has them in stock and ready to ship for just $29.00. That price also include FREE STANDARD SHIPPING. The Tobeco Chi You Megan features brass contacts, an adjustable top cap ... Read More »

Emma Styled Mech Mod $24.99


I gotta say, this is one SEKSI looking mod. AngelCigs just placed an Emma Styled mechanical mod in stock and ready to ship for just $24.99 + shipping. And it even ships from their USA warehouse so there no “overseas” wait with this one. This Emma Styled Mod features copper ... Read More »

Pylon Mechanical Mod $27.46


FastTech just stocked a “Pylon” Mechanical Mod in three different colorways: brass, copper & stainless steel. The stainless steel costs. $25.85. The brass version will set you back $26.07. And the copper version is the most expensive at $27.46. All three include FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING. And… all 3 feature copper ... Read More »

Vapor Giant Styled Mod + RBA $79.78


Shout out to Tim for the heads up on this release. It looks like FastTech just stocked a Vapor Giant Styled Mod + RBA. Price is set at $79.78 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. Check this setup out. When they called it the Vapor Giant… they weren’t kidding around. The ... Read More »

Paragon Midnight Style Mechanical Mod $34.99


Theres a pretty nice deal going on for the Paragon Midnight Style Mechanical Mod. Especially since the legit version of this mod was almost 200 bucks and was a limited release. One thing I want to point out is that this isnt just a wrap it is actually Carbon Fiber ... Read More »

Bonfire Style 26650 Mechanical Mod $23.86


The Bonfire Style 26650 mechanical mod just hit the virtual pages over on and it looks pretty nice. I know compact and 26650 should probably never be used in the same sentence, but there aren’t many 26650 mechanical mods out there that are smaller in size than this. I ... Read More »

SMPL Style Mod Copper (Pre-Order) $34.95


I’ve been raving about the authentic of this mod on my Instagram for a few months now! Well, heres a new pre-order for the SMPL Style Mod in copper. I love this mod. Solid tube and top cap allowing for a hybrid only 18650 mod. The design getting get much ... Read More »

Kato Square Style Mechanical Mod $42.00


Just came across this deal at Gearbest for the Kato Square Style Mechanical Mod. I know they were running a similar deal for this mod a few weeks back with a coupon code, but this time around there is no coupon code necessary. If this mod is your thing you ... Read More »


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