Mechanical Mods

El Gigante 26650 Mod Clone $23.23


A new 26650 mod just hit the shelves over at FastTech. The El Gigante features a stainless steel slant top cap with inserted brass top cap that can be used with hybrid atties like senio drippers! Or, any hybrid atty with 20 x 1mm threading. Not throw in the sliver ... Read More »

Steampunk Clone (Brass/Copper) $35.66


FastTech just stocked the Steampunk Mechanical Mod Clone in two different materials: brass and copper. And I gotta say… they both look pretty nice. Both feature an adjustable 510 center pin, copper battery contacts and a magnetic firing button. Not bad features right? But, the funny thing is that I ... Read More »

Vanilla Mod Clone Set $16.50


Following up on yesterdays Panzer Clone¬†group buy… FocalEcig just dropped another insane group buy. This time, they stocked the Vanilla Mod Clone Set for just $16.50 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included! The same Vanilla mod Clone costs $5.00 more over at FastTech and probably around $40 from most USA vendors. ... Read More »

Panzer Style Mod (Group Buy) $16.40


FocalEcig just put the Panzer Style Mod on sale as their newest group buy. And, in true fashion, they placed it priced way below any other vendor’s price. Were talking $16.40 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included! To put it into perspective, that’s about $10 cheaper than FastTech’s price! Hey, if ... Read More »

Smok Guardian Wooden E-pipe $26.64


VaporBeast has a new DOTD up and running up on their site. This time… they have the Smok Guardian Wooden E-pipe on sale for 50% off the MSRP. And, if you use the coupon code “YEAHBABY” the price falls even further to $26.64. Not a bad price at all for ... Read More »

Blue Angels Panzer Mod Clone $24.77


FastTech just stocked a blue plated stainless steel and brass Panzer Mod Clone that looks too nice. And, sticking with the blue and yellow military theme… I think HardKnox hit it right on the head and dubbed it the Blue Angels Panzer Mechanical Mod Clone. I’m thinking a blue TOBH ... Read More »

Paragon Copper Mod Clone $38.99


101vape just stocked a 1:1 clone of the Paragon Copper Mod. And, from the looks of it… it looks pretty nice. This mod rocks all copper EVERYTHING! It features a copper body, end caps, & contact pins. Talk about minimizing voltage drop. But, to top it off, the Paragon features ... Read More »

Mini Nemesis 14500 Mod Clone $26.48


I don’t even rock 14500 mods. But, this Mini Nemesis 14500 Mod Clone has me second guessing that stance. FocalEcig just placed these in stock and ready to ship in the two tone (brass and stainless steel) colorway. And, from the looks of it… it looks just like a little ... Read More »


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