Mechanical Mods

Skyline M1 Mechanical Mod by Ameravape $215.00


Authentic mods are limited or hard to find and this mod is no exception. There are hardly any online vendors carrying the Skyline M1 mechanical mod by Ameravape who are the same people that brought us the Manhattan. Keeping the fact that you can’t find this mod in consideration and ... Read More »

Castle Style Mechanical Mod $21.34


The Castle Style mechanical mod has hit the pages of Chinabuye and its a pretty nice deal which includes free shipping worldwide at only $21.34. This is for the full set with 3 tubes included to fit 18350/18500/18650 sized batteries. Constructed with a brass tube wrapped with stainless steel. Has ... Read More »

Lavafire Lock Style Mechanical Mod $14.94


Vaporbeast deal of the day takes 75.1% off the normal price for the Lavafire Lock Style Mechanical Mod which brings the price of this mod to under 15 bucks. Hurry up and check it out though because this price is only good for 200 pieces or 2 days, whichever comes first. They ... Read More »

EcigAvenue October Mod Sale


I just got word that the EcigAvenue October Mod Sale in underway. What does that mean for us? Take 15% off all APV Mods, Mechanical Mods, Mod Started Kits, Rebuildables and Atomizer Tanks for the whole month of October. BTW I threw all the mods and attys in the “On ... Read More »

Chi You Style Mechanical Mod $17.99


18 bucks for a Chi You Style Mechanical Mod? Thats includes free standard shipping of out Houston Texas btw. Not to mention the seller has over 21000 feedbacks with a 99% positive rating. Go ahead and click the link. I’ll wait. No? Still with me…? What do you really need ... Read More »

Knight Styled 18650 Mod $24.18


6 different colorways of the Knight Styled 18650 Mechanical Mod have just hit the shelves over at FastTech. They got copper/black carbon fiber, brass/brown CF, brass/yellow CF, brass/green CF, brass/red CF & brass/black CF in stock. And all of them cost just $24.18 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. Not a ... Read More »

MyFreedomSmokes Weekend Sale


Riding on the coat tails of the eliquid sale that they were having the people at MyFreedomSmokes decided to add another coupon code making this a MyFreedomSmokes Weekend Sale. To save 20% off of all mod devices use coupon code “MODTWENTY“. Also remember they are having the sale on their ... Read More »

Colonial Style Mechanical Mod $38.99


That was hella quick. Linensurplus over on the bay has just put up a BIN auction for the matte black version of the Colonial Style Mechanical Mod. And get this. It’s in stock and ready to ship for only $38.99. That’s including FREE STANDARD SHIPPING. Not a bad price at ... Read More »

Wood Fairy Style Mechanical Mod (Copper) $39.99


I realize the the brass version was posted pretty recently but I think this Wood Fairy Style Mechanical Mod looks pretty SEXCI in copper so I’m putting it up there for my GOTSMOKIANS. Who agrees with me? Something about that dark wood and shiny copper contrast that gets me. The ... Read More »

Tobeco Origin Style Mod Blowout $16.99


101vape just put up an awesome deal on the Tobeco Origin Style Mechanical Mod. Get this, they priced it at just $16.99! Pretty awesome deal for such a solid mechanical mod. Throw in the fact that it’s in stock and ready to ship from a USA vendor. And it’s more ... Read More »


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