Grand Vapor Trident RBA Clone $16.35

Grand Vapor Trident RBA Clone $16.35

I hope the e-cig manufacturers start to listen. It seems like the general consensus is that (at least for now) we have had enough of the MOD clone wars. We want the atomizer clone wars to pick up some steam. And this Grand Vapor Trident RBA clone is a good start. Looking at the pics… this looks like a solid pickup for $16.35. Stainless steel construction. 3 post (dual coil friendly) design. Shoot… it even comes with a nice drip tip. And, if you look really closely… you just might see a logo peeking out. =) Been waiting for a Grand Vapor Trident RBA clone? Well, here you go!



  1. Are there any good reviews on this yet? I’ve been waiting on one, but considering the price of this clone I might just jump on it anyways!!! #teamcheapmod ftw!!!!

  2. Received yours yet??? im too impatient to wait for mine to get here to hear how well it performs… it takes a bit longer for me to receive it since im on a military installation lol…


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