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Trident v2

Discussion in 'Rebuildable Atomizers / Drippers' started by Logan, Nov 14, 2013.

  1. Logan

    Logan Active Member

    I own the 24k gold plated Trident clone from FT.

    Obviously being at such a cheap price I am pretty confident that the "24k gold" part is a lie but it still looks the part.

    I have compared it to an authentic Trident v2 and the only difference that I noticed was the clone has no serial number etched into the bottom plate of it.

    The posts are slotted like the original which makes a huge difference with this clone! Other trident clones that I have owned have holes in the post instead of the slots which makes it difficult to build quad-coil builds. The slots are also wide enough to accommodate braided 28g Kanthal which is nice.

    All of the air holes are drilled out evenly and aligned with each other

    The Grand Vapor logo is identical to the Authentic Trident and so is the drip tip!

    The adjustable center pin is nice for people that do not own a mechanical that has its own adjustable pin. It will sit flush with almost any 510 thread device.

    my rating: 10/10
  2. ubersole

    ubersole Moderator Staff Member

    I think 24 karat gold plated actually is pretty cheap and pennies to do. So actually it should be legit. Thanks for a great review! I vape on the stainless steel version and stand by it!
  3. I had one of these on order from fasttech but it get returned because of me also ordering batteries.. I was disappointed when I found out I was not going to get it and even more so now after reading how well it really works..
    I guess I've got to order me another one and no batteries this time.. Thanks for the good info on it because after reading this it is a must have..
  4. The-Nectar

    The-Nectar Active Member

    Yeah 24k gold plating something that small is pretty cheap. I do electroplating and I can plate a ton of stuff for $40 in material.
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  5. ben

    ben Member

    i saw the trident v2 clone go up, might get in on a group buy for one
  6. if you find out where they go up at please post it.. I'd like the chance to get in on a group buy on them.
  7. ben

    ben Member

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  8. must be closed already.. oh well thanks for trying..
  9. ben

    ben Member

    No prob, good group for rdas great people as well
  10. VoodooRex

    VoodooRex Active Member

    I have the trident too from FT. I like it but as far as drippers go, I have yet to use anything better than the immortalizer.
  11. calibuddha808

    calibuddha808 Member

    Here's my V2 clone that just came in today

    Attached Files:

  12. VoodooRex

    VoodooRex Active Member

    Nice. New design too! Where'd you get it?
  13. calibuddha808

    calibuddha808 Member

    lnhvapes.com bro. I think they just restocked on some products recently. I'm probably gonna get the omega clone from them.
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  14. VoodooRex

    VoodooRex Active Member

    Cool site. Hope that 101 gets stocked up like this bc their prices are a little better. But still thanks for posting that link.
  15. calibuddha808

    calibuddha808 Member

    No prob. lnh was the only U.S. seller that I could find that carried the V2 clone in stock so I went with them. Yea, I agree that if 101 stocked them, they'd have better prices :)
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  16. calibuddha808

    calibuddha808 Member

    I drilled out the airflow ring and the dual airholes with a 3/32 drill bit, about 2.3mm. I forgot to take note of the stock airhole size but I believe the the holes on the ring were actually smaller than the bigger sized airhole options so you won't get actual flow unless you drill out the ring bigger to match.

    Attached Files:

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  17. VapeinOn

    VapeinOn New Member

    I'm selling the Trident V2 on ebay for $33 which is the lowest price on ebay, only 5 left as of now, next shipment comming in feb.14th (http://www.ebay.com/itm/161202844171?ssPageName=STRK:MESOX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1587.l2649).
    I wish someone could help me find the O'Rings measurement for the drip tip and for the buddy cup, to offer it free with the item as a curtsy to my buyers, thanks in advance

    Attached Files:

  18. Tim8519

    Tim8519 New Member

  19. ubersole

    ubersole Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks for the heads up

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