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Big Nasty 26650 mod by Tatroe

Discussion in 'Mechanical Mods' started by dice, Feb 2, 2014.

  1. dice

    dice Active Member

    Just received the Big Nasty 26650 by Tatroe. Must say, am really liking this mechanical mod. Tis a thing of simple beauty. Build quality, design and function all top notch. Magnetic switch with very short throw, no locking mechanism, but since it is imbedded into the bottom it can't fire sitting on end, must push it in with your pinky or finger tip. Floating center pin with an adjustable battery contact, so all atomizers will fit nice and flush. Tis a pain to first get it all adjusted properly to get a total flush mount without a gap showing, but is great once all set up. Sure I'll get used to it when I switch out different brands of batteries.

    Here is a picture with the Flash-e-vapor V2 attached:


    and for size comparison, a family portrait with the Beast Box, Nemesis clone, Stingray, Provari and the Big Nasy


    I blame GOTSMOK for emailing me about this mod, otherwise I probably wouldn't have bothered researching this and feeling obligated to get one, Damn you GOTSMOK!! Thanks for bringing this mod to my attention, one sweet hefty mech with incredible staying power!!!

    Are you Happy to see me, or is that The Big Nasty I see in your pocket!!! lmao!!!
  2. Keith

    Keith Member

    looks nice! I've been eyeballing a tatroe kanger tank set up, myself. they look like they make solid gear.
  3. dice

    dice Active Member

    Thanks, Tatroe is known for their quality build in gear. Everything I have ever received from them has been top notch.
  4. have had my eye on this mod for quite sometime now. where did you end up picking it up from and for how much? i dont remember seeing this on the gotsmok main site.
  5. dice

    dice Active Member

    One has to Pre-order the Big Nasty Was like $140. They even have the MNKE batteries you can include for $10. I also picked up 2 Sony 50 amp batteries for it on ebay.
  6. carlee

    carlee Member

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