Chi You By Mojo (Laser Etched) Clone $27.00

Chi You By Mojo (Laser Etched) Clone $27.00

When we first posted the Chi You By Mojo clone it sold out in just a few hours! And that’s with mis-spelled and off centered logos. Imagine how fast they will sell out if the logos are correct, centered and laser etched! Do I even have to say how fast you need to act on this deal? Especially since it’s at the same price as the previous one? OK… add this Chi You by Mojo clone to your cart now and check out with the quickness. I’m telling you, your gonna regret it if you don’t. This is a guaranteed sellout!



    I got mine a few days ago.
    I think the 510 threads could of been a little tighter.
    Other than that it hits hard and it is a really nice and solid device for the money .
    I also ordered some silver pins in a GB.

  • Daniel

    Got mine today. All I can say is…awesome! Built a 0.9 ohm coil in my oddy clone and it hits like a beast. Gonna get some noalox from lowes tomorrow and will look in to taking it in to get the pins silver plated for some mega low ohm drip bliss. Get this mod if you haven’t already. I’ll probably get another if available after I receive the nemesis. You won’t be disappointed.


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