Brass Chi You Clone (IN STOCK SOON) $27.77

Brass Chi You Clone (IN STOCK SOON) $27.77

The brass Chi You Clone from FT sold out the first day it went up on the site. It seriously surprised me how fast they flew out the door. And since then… everyone was wondering when/if these will be back in stock. Well, I just got a notification that FT will be getting these back in stock within the next week. And, better yet… they opened it back up to be added to your cart and it ships within 5 business days! Kinda awesome if you’ve been waiting patiently to cop the brass Chi You clone. We don’t know how big the re-stock is though so if you want it get in ASAP.


  • ozzy

    @mister fred, ill try and do one tonight.. ill post a link to it on here


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