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Hcigar Stingray Mechanical MOD Clone $49.99


First off, shout out to Ben for finding this Hcigar Stingray clone deal. It looks like C2C has these in stock and ready to ship. Price comes in at $49.99 plus shipping. Keep in mind that finding these in stock is a deal in itself. =) But, if your looking ... Read More »

Innokin iTaste MVP Energy Line Starter Kit $43.49


Here’s a pretty good deal if your looking to pick up and Innokin iTaste MVP Energy Line Starter Kit. Vapor-Liquidator just restocked their eBay deal. They are selling the Innokin iTaste MVP Energy starter kit for just $43.49 with FREE SHIPPING included. And, as a bonus… they are including a ... Read More »

Gold Plated Maraxus Telescoping MOD Clone $27.88


With last weeks Lotus RDA clone release… you knew that they were gonna release a matching MOD. Well here you go… FastTech just stocked the gold plated Maraxus MOD clone. This version features a floating 510 center pin, telescoping tube and laser engraved serial and logos. Just throw in your ... Read More »

Sony US18650VTC5 2 Pack (PRE-SALE) $19.99 FREE SHIPPING


Thanks goes out to Michell for the heads up on this high drain Li-On battery deal. It looks like the brand new Sony US18650VTC5 has finally made it’s way onto the bay. The Content Girl has just put up a PRE-SALE auction for 2 Sony US18650VTC5 batteries with FREE PRIORITY ... Read More »

Kamry K800 650mAh Bullet Mini MOD Starter Kit $17.25


Here’s a pretty solid starter kit and a decent price if you want something a little bit different from the standard eGo setup. FastTech just stocked the Kamry K800 650mAh Bullet mini MOD starter kit at just $17.25. The Kamry K800 kit includes (1) atomizer, (1) battery, (1) charging cable ... Read More »

MtBakerVapor St Patrick’s Day Sale (13% Off Storewide)


Just a quick deal for my e-liquid junkies out there. I just got the details on the MtBakerVapor St Patrick’s Day Sale going on right now. Just use the coupon code “kissmeimvaping” and save 13% off store wide. To be accurate… you actually save 13.317%. One pretty awesome deal considering ... Read More »

Kraken RBA Clone RESTOCKED! $12.92


First off, I just wanna say thanks to Ryan for giving me the heads up on this deal. With that said… it’s like you guys are starting to read my mind. I cleaned my Scorpion and Kraken RBA clone right before I went to sleep last night. Today, the first ... Read More »

Youde IGO W3 Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer $12.99


Just a quick heads up. It looks like Venerable has just placed their Youde IGO W3 RDAs on sale. And get this… the price is just $12.99! No coupon code or jumping through hoops. I gotta say… this is a pretty hot deal considering that the Youde IGO W3 features ... Read More »

Top 5 Deals Of The Week 03/15/14


#1 –¬†Black Stingray Mechanical MOD Clone (PREORDER) $49.99 It’s been a long time since we’ve had 5 legit mods released in 1 week. But we did this week. And, I even have to leave out some hot deals too. What can I say… there was a lot of heat released ... Read More »


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