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Stainless Steel Maraxus MOD Clone + V Tank $37.96


The vendor we all love to hate just placed the stainless steel Maraxus MOD clone in stock! Now, I may be mistaken… but I’m pretty sure that this is the first time that the stainless steel Maraxus clone has hit the market. I mean… we’ve seen the two tone Maraxus ... Read More »

Brass Kraken RBA By Vicious Ant $150


I just noticed that DNA has the limited brass Kraken by Vicious Ant in stock and ready to ship. Which… by itself is a “deal” considering that these are sold out pretty much everywhere. That being said… you can also use the coupon code “DNA10″ to save 10% off the ... Read More »

Two Tone Turtleship v1 Clone $21.79


It was just a few days ago when Fasttech released the v1 & v2 versions of the the Turtleship in both stainless steel or brass. And, I joked around about buying one of each so that I can make a two tone version. Well… they just saved me a lot ... Read More »

Stinky Canuck E-juice Discount (15% Off)


Finally… I was able to talk VaporCigzz into giving the GOTSMOK community a discount on Stinky Canuck E-juice. =) For a limited time… you can use the coupon code “Ejuice15″ to save 15% off all Stinky Canuck E-liquid purchases. Personally… “Frigid Rose” is one of my favorite menthol juices of all ... Read More »

Stainless Steel Caravela MOD Clone $22.60


I’ve been meaning to post this up for a couple days now. Hey, why not today right? The first time the stainless steel Caravela MOD clone set was posted… it sold out with the quickness. Then… shipping times grew as it became hard for Fasttech to source them. Well, it ... Read More »

FocalEcig Valentines Day Sale


Just a quick heads up that the FocalEcig Valentines Day Sale has just went live. Were talking .99 juice & discounted RBAs, RDAs, MODs & more. Nothing too crazy but some pretty decent deals if there’s something on sale that your in the market for. You never know right? Just ... Read More »

The Vapor Company – One Big Ass Sale


I don’t know how I’ve slept on this deal for this long. The Vapor Company has an awesome e-liquid sale going on right now dubbed “One Big Ass Sale.” And “One Big Ass Sale” it is. It looks like they have their entire line of e-liquid on sale for just ... Read More »

Keychain Mini Screwdriver $2.95


This is a pretty useful item to always have around. Especially if your a re-builder. VaporKings just placed this mini screwdriver keychain in stock and ready to ship. The keychain mini screwdriver features both a phillips and flat head screwdriver inside. Making this a perfect tool for RDA or RBA ... Read More »

Five Pawns / Adam Bomb E-liquid Sale


If you vape Five Pawns or Adam Bomb e-liquid… you know that getting a discount on them are almost impossible. Well, thanks to VaporCigzz… GOTSMOK has your back. For a limited time, you can use the coupon code “Ejuice10“ at checkout and get a 10% discount on your purchase. Keep in ... Read More »


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