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VaporDNA Drip Tip (Limited Edition) + Xtras $31.50


I know, I know. This is definitely not a #teamcheapmod drip tip. But, some of us have joined #teammydriptipisbetterthanyours and want something a little more exclusive. =) Introducing the limited edition VaporDNA drip tip by Dynasty. It’s a 510 wide bore drip tip made from lead free brass then triple ... Read More »

Blackout JM22 Mechanical Mod Clone $13.14


It seems like more and more mods are coming out with a “blackout” version. The newest baby in the bunch… The blackout JM22 mechanical mod clone that just dropped at FastTech. And, as far as getting value from your vape bucks… I don’t know what else they can give you ... Read More »

Samsung INR18650 20R (2 pack) $9.98


First off, shoutout to Juice for putting me on to these batteries. With that said, everyone else needs to check out this 2 pack of the Samsung INR18650 20R batteries. Then read the reviews. Everyone seems to be loving these batteries. And, at just $9.98 for a 2 pack (after ... Read More »

Innovape Mods Patriot RDA Atomizer (RESTOCK) $49.99


When I first posted this deal on an authentic Patriot RDA by Innovape Mods… it sold out with the quickness. Which is no surprise since $49.99 is by far the cheapest price you’ll see on the authentic version of this awesome dripper. So now that the deal has been re-stocked… ... Read More »

UD AGA T4 Rebuildable Atomizer $32.39


Looks like DNA just got the new ud aga t4 rebuildable atomizer in stock and ready to ship. Using the 10% off coupon code “DNA10″… the ud aga t4 rebuildable atomizer drops to just $32.39. Which is already cheaper than pretty much any other vendor. Now, check out the home page on ... Read More »

Smoktech Natural Mechanical MOD Blowout $21.95


Here’s a pretty nice deal on the Smoktech Natural Mechanical MOD. Dragon just placed their stock on clearance. How many they have… your guess is as good as mine. The price? How about $21.95! That’s almost $30 off the original retail price. It’s even $10 cheaper than the lowest price ... Read More »

Top 5 Deals Of The Week 03/01/14


#1 - Limited Edition Russian 91 RBA Atomizer $89.99 This is the first time that the same deal is the top deal of the week for 2 weeks running! The only reason the Limited Edition Russian 91 is the top deal again is because I got mine in and it’s stunning. ... Read More »



Another GOTSMOK milestone was reached today. According to our Google Analytics stats, we just passed 10,000,000 page views. It’s pretty crazy when I think about it. I started this site to help people find the best vape deals. And, here we are… less than a year later with so many ... Read More »


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