RJ Mods Cats Atomizer/Dripper $115.00


VaporDNA just got the brand new RJ Mods Cats Atomizer/Dripper in stock and ready to ship. And, you can use the coupon code “5OFF” to save $5.00 off the MSRP. Plus, you get FREE SHIPPING and a FREE BOTTLE of MP E-liquid thrown in as well. Not a bad deal ... Read More »

Squape Rebuildable Atomizer Clone $14.70


First off, thanks to Ian for the heads up on this deal. It looks like FocalEcig just put up the Squape rebuildable atomizer clone on sale as their newest group buy. Price is just $14.70 with FREE SHIPPING included! This is a pretty hot deal considering that the same Squape ... Read More »

Black Kayfun Lite RBA Clone $14.77


I’m sure there are some out there who will find this SEKSI. FastTech just stocked this PVD coated black Kayfun Lite RBA Clone at a price of just $14.77 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included! I can just imagine how nice this Black Kayfun would look sitting on top of something ... Read More »

Patriot RDA Clone (No Logo) $10.00


Here’s a pretty nice deal on the Patriot RDA Clone (no logo). UltraMist just placed these on sale for just $10 with FREE SHIPPING included! Come on, getting any RDA atomizer from a USA vendor for $10 shipped is a pretty hot deal just by itself. When that atomizer is ... Read More »

Orieco POP-B RDA Atomizer $14.39


Here’s a pretty nice deal for #teamcheapmod! VaporDNA just stocked the Orieco POP-B RDA Atomizer. At first glance, it kinda looks like an IGO-W. But upon closer inspection, you see quite a few differences. First off… this RDA features adjustable airflow control. In addition, it also features a deep juice ... Read More »

Stillare RDA Atomizer Clone $21.99


3 days ago… I posted a Stillare RDA clone deal at $20 and it sold out in a few hours. Well, here another chance for those of you who missed out on that deal. VapingWalrus just stocked the Stillare RDA on eBay for $21.99 with FREE standard shipping included. When ... Read More »

EHpro Kayfun Lite Plus Clone $35.99


I just noticed that MadVapes just stocked the EHpro Kayfun Lite Plus Clone at $39.99. Which isn’t a bad deal by itself. It has all the standard Kayfun Lite features but also adds air flow control. Plus, the EHpro version also comes with the stainless, poly and m tanks. So, ... Read More »

Vapesmith Castle MOD / RDA $104.00-154.99


It looks like VaporDNA just stocked the Vapesmith Castle MOD and Rebuildable Atomizer v1.5 (24K Gold Edition). First off, no clones here so this isn’t for #teamcheapmod. But hey, I know there are some BALLERS¬†out there in the GOTSMOK community. =) You can use the coupon code “5off” on either ... Read More »


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