Project Sub-ohm Plume Veil RDA $119.99


Our friends over at VaporDNA are bringing the heat. The 2nd batch of the very popular Project Sub-ohm Plume Veil v1.5 RDA Atomizer is set to release  at midnight tonight! Keyword… v1.5. The improvements that the Project Sub-ohm Plume Veil v1.5 has over the v1.2 include: Entire deck (including center ... Read More »

Orchid V4 Style RBA (Price Drop) $11.41


There was a drop in price on the Orchid V4 Style RBA over on Fasttech. Originally these were posted for $12.53, so this is $1.12 of a price difference. As always, this comes with free shipping of course. I’ll take it especially if you’re in the market for one of ... Read More »

Hobo Style RDA (5 AFC Rings) $15.77


A Hobo Style RDA has just hit the virtual shelves over at FastTech. It’s priced at just $15.77 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. But, that’s not the best part about it. This Hobo Style RDA Atomizer includes 5 different airflow control rings: stainless steel, copper, brass, white resin & black ... Read More »

CEO Rebuildable Atomizer $10.79


I like how the quality of RDAs keep getting better and better while the costs keep going lower and lower. Hey, that should be the #teamcheapmod motto. =) Seriously though, check out the new CEO Rebuildable Atomizer that just hit the shelves over at FastTech. Stainless steel build with drip ... Read More »

Mutation X V2 RDA $26.99-$31.49


In the market for an affordable AUTHENTIC RDA that can hang with the best of them? Then the Mutation X V2 RDA should be on your radar then and all 3 colorways (stainless steel, black and copper) have just hit the shelves. Just use coupon code “DNA10” to bring it ... Read More »

Authentic Igo W4 Rebuildable Atomizer $6.30


The Authentic Igo W4 is a simple design that is not only easy to build on but also chucks the vapor like a champ. They took the Igo W and the Igo W2 and improved on both those designed. Its constructed of stainless steel from top to bottom and comes ... Read More »

Ego CE4 1.6ml Atomizer $.99


Showing some love to all you newbies out there. If you’re rocking an eGo style battery then here is a really nice deal on some eGo CE4 atomizers for you. What makes this a nice deal is that you could pick up 5 of these for what a normal vendor ... Read More »

Dragon King Style RDA $10.87


Another solid atomizer just hit the shelves over at FastTech. This time… a Dragon King Style RDA. First off, you have to get past the not so good pictures. Once you do, you’ll notice that it features a heat sink top cap, copper posts with huge holes, DOGE style cyclops ... Read More »

Authentic Doge RDA $44.99


This is more of a heads up than a deal. A lot of you have emailed me and asked me where to pic up an Authentic Doge RDA. There aren’t a lot of places left where you can pick them up which is why I’m saying this is a heads ... Read More »

Lemo Rebuildable Tank Atomizer $31.49


Following up on the post I did last night, VaporDNA just released their own Lemo Rebuildable Tank and its pretty much the same price with a free bottle of MP juice thrown in on top. Just make sure you bring coupon code “DNA10″ with you to bring the price on ... Read More »


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