Onslaught Style RDA $21.99-$23.99


The Onslaught Style RDA just dropped over on the bay. This is a pre-sale which is scheduled for around mid October so keep that in mind before jumping on this deal. The Onslaught Style RDA is perfect for all your coil porn lovers out there. It is a quad post ... Read More »

Rose v2 Style Atomizer $27.27


Here’s one I know that there is a lot of people out there in the GOTSMOK community that have been waiting for. The Rose v2 Style Rebuildable Atomizer has just hit the virtual shelves over at FastTech. Price is just $27.27 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. And, the next cheapest price ... Read More »

EHpro Big Buddha v1 $39.89


MadVapes has just got the EHpro Big Buddha v1 in stock and ready to ship for $41.99, But, if you use the coupon code “ECF5OFF”… the price drops to just $39.89. Not bad if your in the market for a new rebuildable atomizer for your 26650 mod. The EHpro Big ... Read More »

Pontus Dripping Tank By EHpro $37.99


Here’s and RDA that’s bringing something new to the table. VaporDNA has just got the Pontus v1.5 Dripping Tank by EHpro in stock and on sale for just $42.99. But, use the coupon code “5OFF” and the price falls to just $37.99! So… what’s so “new” about the Pontus? Basically, the ... Read More »

Kayfun Black Edition v3 $34.99-44.99


I always get emails asking me what’s the best Kayfun style atomizer out there. Short answer, the Kayfun Black Edition v3. I just checked and Custom Mod Creation (the maker of the Kayfun Black Edition v3) currently has them on sale. They have 4 different colorways in stock and ready ... Read More »

Mephisto Style RDA (4 AFC Rings) $11.89


The Mephisto Style RDA showed up today on Fasttech. But this time they supplied you with all 4 air flow control rings for under 12 bucks. Or you can go with a single color version for less than 8 bucks. I don’t know how they do it for so cheap, ... Read More »

The Big Dripper Style RDTA $38.99


Another one bites the dust. The crazy thing is I’m pretty sure not a lot of you even knew The Big Dripper even existed. Thats because the accessibility of this atomizer was questionably inaccessible. There were reviews around and they were creating a buzz, but for the most part no ... Read More »

Mutation X Style RBA Atomizer $8.25


Here’s one that I wasn’t expecting to see at all because the authentic version of this RDA is already so affordable. But with that said… I’m not surprised at all to see the Mutation X Style RBA Atomizer hit the USA warehouse of AngelCigs. And get this, they include a ... Read More »

Plume Veil Style RDA $9.36


The Plume Veil Style RDA in copper with a matching copper drip tip has hit the pages over there at Fasttech. Not to mention that they dropped the price a couple bucks making this the cheapest I’ve seen these. The Plume Veil Style RDA has a unique design that is ... Read More »

Notorious Mod (Only 20 Sets!) $350.00


What do you get when Cloud Kicker Society & Aethertech come together for a collab? A super limited… SEKSI as hell… 26650 BEAST of a mod called the Notorious Mod! And VaporDNA is lucky enough to bring to you 1 of the 20 sets made for each colorway. They have ... Read More »


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