Pontus Dripping Tank By EHpro $37.99


Here’s and RDA that’s bringing something new to the table. VaporDNA has just got the Pontus v1.5 Dripping Tank by EHpro in stock and on sale for just $42.99. But, use the coupon code “5OFF” and the price falls to just $37.99! So… what’s so “new” about the Pontus? Basically, the ... Read More »

Kayfun Black Edition v3 $34.99-44.99


I always get emails asking me what’s the best Kayfun style atomizer out there. Short answer, the Kayfun Black Edition v3. I just checked and Custom Mod Creation (the maker of the Kayfun Black Edition v3) currently has them on sale. They have 4 different colorways in stock and ready ... Read More »

Mephisto Style RDA (4 AFC Rings) $11.89


The Mephisto Style RDA showed up today on Fasttech. But this time they supplied you with all 4 air flow control rings for under 12 bucks. Or you can go with a single color version for less than 8 bucks. I don’t know how they do it for so cheap, ... Read More »

The Big Dripper Style RDTA $38.99


Another one bites the dust. The crazy thing is I’m pretty sure not a lot of you even knew The Big Dripper even existed. Thats because the accessibility of this atomizer was questionably inaccessible. There were reviews around and they were creating a buzz, but for the most part no ... Read More »

Mutation X Style RBA Atomizer $8.25


Here’s one that I wasn’t expecting to see at all because the authentic version of this RDA is already so affordable. But with that said… I’m not surprised at all to see the Mutation X Style RBA Atomizer hit the USA warehouse of AngelCigs. And get this, they include a ... Read More »

Plume Veil Style RDA $9.36


The Plume Veil Style RDA in copper with a matching copper drip tip has hit the pages over there at Fasttech. Not to mention that they dropped the price a couple bucks making this the cheapest I’ve seen these. The Plume Veil Style RDA has a unique design that is ... Read More »

Notorious Mod (Only 20 Sets!) $350.00


What do you get when Cloud Kicker Society & Aethertech come together for a collab? A super limited… SEKSI as hell… 26650 BEAST of a mod called the Notorious Mod! And VaporDNA is lucky enough to bring to you 1 of the 20 sets made for each colorway. They have ... Read More »

Black Delrin Clear Top Cap For TOBH $29.42


VaporDNA just threw up Vapetactics cap for the TOBH atty onto their site. This Black Delrin clear top cap comes in 2 different styles, smooth and ridged. Both look pretty sick but my vote goes with the smooth. I just think it makes all the lines a lot cleaner, especially ... Read More »

Vox Edition Orchid v2 RBA Atomizer $19.95


Thanks goes out to Christopher for the heads up on this deal. VoxVapes on eBay has just put up a pre-sale for the “Vox Edition” Orchid v2 RBA Atomizer by Tobeco. And get this… they priced it at just $19.95 with FREE STANDARD SHIPPING included. Not a bad deal considering ... Read More »

454 Style RDA Atomizer $10.61


Here’s an awesome deal for those looking to pick up the 454 Style RDA Atomizer on the cheap. FastTech has just placed them in stock in two different colorways: stainless steel & copper! And get this… they priced the stainless steel version at $10.61 and the copper version at just ... Read More »


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