Vapewell G Mod/RDA Atomizer $80/190.00


VaporDNA just placed the Vapewell RDA Atomizer & G Mod in stock and ready to ship. The Vapewell costs $80 & the G Mod costs $190 after using the coupon code “5OFF” at checkout. FREE SHIPPING and a bottle of MP e-liquid is also included with purchase. Check these out. ... Read More »

Orchid V3.5 Style RBA Tank $11.73


It was only about 6 days ago when they dropped the V3, well now the Orchid V3.5 Style RBA has hit the shelves over at FastTech. To me it honestly looks exactly like the V3 with an all clear cap and drip tip and Philips headed screws. Not going to ... Read More »

IGO W14 Rebuildable Atomizer $26.05


Youde’s is one of the most trusted names when it comes to atomizers. I mean come on, they brought us the IGO-W. I’ll bet virtual high fives that most of us have owned one of those before. Well here is their newest addition to the market. The IGO W14 Rebuildable ... Read More »

26650 Vulcan Style RDA $11.82


A new version of the 26650 Vulcan Style RDA hit the virtual pages over at FastTech. As you can see its 7 bucks cheaper than the last stainless steel version they originally released. I’m hoping it won’t take them to long for the other 3 colorways to follow suit (copper, ... Read More »

Hobo v2 RDA Atomizer $94.99


For those out there in the GOTSMOK community looking to pick up a Hobo v2 RDA Atomizer… your in luck. VaporDNA will be releasing them on 10/06/2014 at 12:00 AM PST. What’s so special about the Hobo v2? First off… it has two adjustable airflow controls… one to control cloud ... Read More »

CH-uape Reloaded RBA $24.05


The CH-uape Reloaded RBA Atomizer has just the shelves over at FastTech for just $24.05 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. So what’s so different about this version? First off… the Ch-uape Reloaded features a removable/replaceable deck with three different options (standard, wide & curved). Allowing you to rebuild it in ... Read More »

Fogger V5 RBA (Ready To Ship) $25.95


Well, here it is my GOTSMOKIANS… I finally found a vendor that’s trustworthy and has the Fogger V5 RBA in stock and ready to ship. Put the pre sales behind you on this one and jump on them before they sell. No more need for screwing in your connection posts ... Read More »

Anima Style RDA (4 Different Colors) $9.73


We’re starting the week off  pretty nice with this re-drop of the Anima Style RDA over on the virtual pages of Fasttech. I know they just lowered the price a quarter from the last drop but this time around they came out with 4 different colorways (copper, brass, stainless steel ... Read More »

24k Gold Plated Trident Style RDA $4.99


Group-Buy alert!  The 24k Gold Plated Trident Style RDA just went up. FYI, the vendor assures their customers that the air flow holes match up on this one. That was a huge problem for the previous versions that were released so its good to see that they addressed that problem. ... Read More »

CLT RDA V2 by Infinite #NotAClone $31.49


Introducing the CLT RDA V2. Not to long ago Infinite made a name for themselves by introducing the original CLT RDA. The second version has a few improvements on its predecessor. Starting with its redesigned top cap which houses a new large bore drip tip. Keep in mind this will ... Read More »


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