Nucleus Atomizer Clone (FREE SHIPPING) $36.95


This one is pretty cool. It looks like the Nucleus Atomizer has just been cloned. And, iconvape on eBay is bringing you the cheapest pre-sale so far. They have it priced at just $36.95 with FREE STANDARD SHIPPING included. Let’s see how long the Nucleus Atomizer clone can stay in ... Read More »

Vision Aurora (Deal Of The Day) $9.99


This is a pretty nice find. VaporBeast just placed the Vision Aurora on sale as their deal of the day. Price is $11.10. But, if you use the coupon code YEAHBABY, the price falls to just $9.99! A very small price to pay to transform your eGo battery into a ... Read More »

AGA-T3 Rebuildable Atomizer $19.99


Here’s a pretty nice deal on the AGA-T3 Rebuildable Atomizer. 101 just put them on sale for just $19.99! Keep in mind that they usually go for $25-35 depending on the vendor. And, that’s if they have them in stock. I have 2 AGA-T3 atomizers and I’ll admit… it takes ... Read More »

Paradigm Modz Magma Atomizer $110.00


It looks like DNA just got the Paradigm Modz Magma Atomizer in stock in limited quantities. And, you can use the coupon code “5OFF” to save $5. Plus, you get FREE SHIPPING. And check out the home page for details on how to get a FREE bottle of MP E-liquid. ... Read More »

Stingray MOD Clone (Stainless Steel) $18.50


Shout out to Chris for the heads up on this one. It looks like FocalEcig just placed the Stingray MOD Clone on sale as their most recent group buy. Price looks like $18.50 with FREE SHIPPING included. But, it looks like the shipping doesn’t have a tracking number. So, I ... Read More »

Kayfun Lite Plus v2 Clone $31.02


Here’s a pretty cool deal. It looks like FastTech just stocked the Kayfun Lite Plus v2 Clone. And, they were able to price it at just $31.02 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. Throw in a nano kit, different top cap & correct air holes and you got yourself a pretty ... Read More »

Krillex EVO 1/2 + Brushed/Polished $29.69


VaporDNA just stocked the Krillex EVO RDA atomizer. The EVO atomizer comes in 2 different versions and both versions are available in polished or brushed finishes. The EVO is made by Krillex Vapes and is a great RDA for the price. Especially when you use the coupon code “DNA10″ to ... Read More »

Brass Monkey RDA Atomizer Clone $8.11-12.74


I’ve been waiting for the Brass Monkey RDA Clone to hit FastTech. And today, it finally did in three different options. First off… you can pick it up with both the stainless steel and gold plated stainless steel top caps for just $12.74. The second option is to pick up ... Read More »

Vision Aurora Bottom Fed Tank Kit $14.38


Here’s a pretty hot deal on the Vision Aurora bottom fed tank kit. VaporBeast has just put them on sale as their deal of the day for 55.6% off of the MSRP. Plus, if you use the coupon code “YEAHBABY” the price drops to just $14.38! A small price to ... Read More »

Black Nimbus RDA Atomizer Clone $12.99


Here’s a pretty good deal on the Black Nimbus RDA Atomizer Clone. 88evape just put them up on sale for just $12.99. Considering that this is just a few bucks more than FastTech’s price… and this is in stock and ready to ship for a USA vendor… not bad right? ... Read More »


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