Atmomixani Nemesis Clone (Laser Etched) $29.08

Atmomixani Nemesis Clone (Laser Etched) $29.08

Last week… the Chi You By Mojo clone took the vape world by storm. And, if you follow me on Instagram… you know that I picked one up. I gotta say… logo or not… this is one of the best mechanical MODs I have used. Well, how can you top that release? How about an Atmomixani Nemesis clone! They just went live today and I’m pretty sure this release will be as hyped as the Chi release. Maybe even MOAR. Check out the pictures and tell me if you think this will be as high quality as the Chi clone. I already placed my order BTW and I suggest you do the same. They already raised the price once on this MOD. After this Atmomixani Nemesis clone release… what’s next?



  1. Anyone know if this is the Hcigar clone?


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