> $100

Buy An IPV2 Get A FREE Plume $110.00


Here’s a cool deal for those in the market for an IPV2. UltraMist just put up a deal where if you buy an IPV2… you get a FREE Plume Veil style RDA atomizer. The cost for the MOD is $110 plus you also get FREE SHIPPING thrown in as well. ... Read More »

Notorious Mod (Only 20 Sets!) $350.00


What do you get when Cloud Kicker Society & Aethertech come together for a collab? A super limited… SEKSI as hell… 26650 BEAST of a mod called the Notorious Mod! And VaporDNA is lucky enough to bring to you 1 of the 20 sets made for each colorway. They have ... Read More »

King Kong 26650 Copper Mod $285.00


VaporDNA has just got a MONSTER of a mod in stock and ready to ship. Introducing the KING KONG 26650 Mod by Surefire Vapor. It’s basically the heaviest, most heavy duty 26650 mod on the market today. The King Kong features copper construction, copper contacts, copper top cap, copper bottom ... Read More »

Buy A Torched El Sigilo & Get… $190.00


This is one hard deal to pass up if your in the market for a high end mod. UltraMist has a deal going on where if you buy a Torched El Sigilo Zodiac Mod (Dragon or Tiger) you get your choice of a Black Vertex or Brass Soldado RDA for ... Read More »

Lifestyle Mod by AVP $129.99


We all know that the authentic mechanical mod market hovers somewhere around the $200 mark. Now comes in the Lifestyle Mod by AVP. Its a high end USA made mechanical mod that is “The Beginning to a new Lifestyle.” How so…? This mod is aimed to lower the price of ... Read More »

Doomsday End Of Clone Mod $115


Here’s a decent deal on the brand new Doomsday End Of Clone Mod by¬†Intergalactic Industries. VaporDNA has just placed 2 different colorways of the mod in stock and ready to ship for $120. The Doomsday is available in full stainless steel & in two tone (brass/stainless steel). Use the coupon ... Read More »

Torched El Sigilo Zodiac Mod $175.00


I just got the heads up that UltraMist has the Authentic Torched El Sigilo Zodiac Mod (Dragon) by Wutang House of Mods on sale as a daily deal. They lowered the price down to $175 and they throw in FREE SHIPPING. Pretty nice deal on a damn SEKSI looking authentic ... Read More »

Venturi RDA By Neovapetek $117.00


This one is pretty NOICE. The Venturi RDA by Neovapetek has just hit the shelves over at VaporDNA. According to the vendor… this RDA is easily one of the most innovative RDAs of the year. From the looks of it, I have to agree. The Venturi features an adjustable chimney ... Read More »

IPV V2 + FREE LG IMR Battery $110.00


Here’s another decent deal on an in stock and ready to ship IPV V2 50 watt mod. MadVapes has a deal going on where if you purchase the mod and the LG 35A IMR Battery… you can use the coupon code “ipvfreebat” to get the battery for FREE. Already have ... Read More »

Axis Mod: Ante Meridiem Productions $275


Here’s a real treat for those that got vape bucks ready to burn. VaporDNA just placed the Axis Mod by Ante Meridiem Productions in stock in LIMITED QUANTITIES! And, you can use the coupon code “5OFF” to save $5, get FREE SHIPPING & get a FREE BOTTLE of MP E-liquid ... Read More »


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