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454 Big Block RDA (Colors) $69.99


DNA just got the 454 Big Block RDA by Kryptonite Vapor in stock and on sale in 3 different colorways. They have baby blue, hot pink & white in stock for $69.99 after you use the coupon code “5OFF” at checkout. Plus you get FREE SHIPPING and a FREE bottle of ... Read More »

Project Sub Ohm Plume Veil V1.5 $119.99


The 3rd batch of the very popular Project Sub Ohm Plume Veil v1.5 RDA Atomizer is set to release at midnight tonight! This sold out extremely fast the first 2 times so jump on this while you can! The Project Sub Ohm Plume Veil v1.5 features: Entire deck (including center ... Read More »

Authentic IPV3 150 Watts $109.99


Looking to get a new box mod? Looking for a gift for a vape head in your life? Well, heres a cool little deal that you guys can jump in on for a Authentic IPV3 150 watt variable wattage device. You can choose either black or silver but make sure ... Read More »

SMY 260 Watt Box Mod $139.00


The SMY 260 Watt Box Mod by Simeiyue is one hell of a monster. I’m sure that it’s gonna be popular just for bragging rights alone. =) And if your gonna brag… you might was well be the first to brag right? The SMY 260 Watt Box Mad has just ... Read More »

Provari P3 (3 Colors Available) $249.95


What’s new on the Provari P3 front? It looks like they just stocked 3 different colorways. The always in style Satin Silver colorway goes for $249.95. And the Black & Polished versions are a little more at $269.95. But what can I say… some people just need their Black or ... Read More »

Zero Gravity RDTA By MVZ $124.99


New product alert. The Zero Gravity RDTA by MVZ has hit the scene. This is like a mixture of the 3D and Big Dripper. You get the vapor and flavor of a dripper with the functionality of a tank right above your coils. You just push down on the drip ... Read More »

Provari P3 (Variable Wattage) $249.95


I know that a lot of people out there in the GOTSMOK community have been waiting for the Provari P3 to release. And, when you go to the ProVape website… the banner on the front page says 11/17 for the release date. Well, it looks like you can pick up ... Read More »

Authentic God Mod 180 Watts $116.99


This particular vendor is having a storewide Veterans Day Sale but I felt like this particular item should have its own posting. The Authentic God Mod is a beast of a variable wattage device which holds (3) 18650 batteries. Talk about an all day vape huh? You can fire atomizers with ... Read More »

Project Sub-ohm Plume Veil RDA $119.99


Our friends over at VaporDNA are bringing the heat. The 2nd batch of the very popular Project Sub-ohm Plume Veil v1.5 RDA Atomizer is set to release  at midnight tonight! Keyword… v1.5. The improvements that the Project Sub-ohm Plume Veil v1.5 has over the v1.2 include: Entire deck (including center ... Read More »


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