Buy An IPV2 Get A FREE Plume $110.00


Here’s a cool deal for those in the market for an IPV2. UltraMist just put up a deal where if you buy an IPV2… you get a FREE Plume Veil style RDA atomizer. The cost for the MOD is $110 plus you also get FREE SHIPPING thrown in as well. ... Read More »

GiantVapes Welcomes You To ECC 2014 Sale


Theres a lot of buzz going on in the vaping community, especially here in Southern California over ECC 2014. They are¬†having a storewide GiantVapes ECC 2014 sale to celebrating this huge vaping convention. Never heard of GiantVapes? Well they are an E-Commerce shop that specializes in premium e-liquid. Were talking ... Read More »

Plume Veil Style RDA $9.36


The Plume Veil Style RDA in copper with a matching copper drip tip has hit the pages over there at Fasttech. Not to mention that they dropped the price a couple bucks making this the cheapest I’ve seen these. The Plume Veil Style RDA has a unique design that is ... Read More »

Notorious Mod (Only 20 Sets!) $350.00


What do you get when Cloud Kicker Society & Aethertech come together for a collab? A super limited… SEKSI as hell… 26650 BEAST of a mod called the Notorious Mod! And VaporDNA is lucky enough to bring to you 1 of the 20 sets made for each colorway. They have ... Read More »

PVTSO IMR Batteries ($4.19 to $7.49)


MadVapes just placed a full stock run of the brand new PVTSO IMR Batteries up on their site. And I gotta say, they look promising for us budget vapers. The PVTSO line of batteries are higher amp / lower capacity IMRs. Meaning that they should be pretty safe to use ... Read More »

Avenger v2 Mod Clone $13.90


Here is today’s oldie but goodie deal. FocalEcig has the Avenger v2 Telescopic Mod Clone in stock and ready to ship from their USA warehouse. And, best of all… they just placed it on sale for $13.90! Consider that this price beats FastTech’s price by almost 3 dollars. And, throw ... Read More »

Cloupor ZNA 50 Watt Mod $89.95


Here’s something pretty exciting that I haven’t seen anywhere else yet. ProdigyVapor on eBay has just put up a limited presale for the upcoming Cloupor ZNA 50 Watt Mod! And, from the specs he provided… it looks pretty promising. The Cloupor ZNA 50 features variable wattage from 7-50W, support for ... Read More »

26650 Stingray X Style Mod $32.24


And here I thought that I was done with posting Stingray X deals. =) 2 new 26650 Stingray X Style Mod colorways have hit the virtual shelves over at FastTech. And, I gotta that I kinda like them. They have a blue version that features a copper body wrapped with ... Read More »

Black Nemesis Clone $19.95


My first mod ever was a Authentic Nemesis. There is something to say for how classic this mod is. Its not even far fetched to say that this mod was a game changer of its time. Well heres a pretty nice deal on a Black Nemesis Clone over on Ebay. ... Read More »

Pre-Made Wire and Wick (50 pack) $3.56


I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve become an extremely lazy vape head. The easier the better is the motto I live by. Now, whats easier than Pre-Made Wire and Wick? Take 2, throw them in your rebuildable dripping atomizer, screw it down, drip and vape. No more torching your ... Read More »


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