Vapesmith Castle MOD / RDA $104.00-154.99


It looks like VaporDNA just stocked the Vapesmith Castle MOD and Rebuildable Atomizer v1.5 (24K Gold Edition). First off, no clones here so this isn’t for #teamcheapmod. But hey, I know there are some BALLERS out there in the GOTSMOK community. =) You can use the coupon code “5off” on either ... Read More »

Lotus Mechanical MOD Clone $21.62


This was a pleasant surprise. FastTech stocked the Lotus Mechanical MOD Clone this morning. And, it looks pretty good. First off, how can you argue with the price. $21.62 is about 10% of the authentic version’s price of $185! And while cheap, it still features silver plated contacts, spring loaded ... Read More »

MNKE 26650 3500mAh Battery $10.99


With the new 26650 MOD craze going on right now… finding solid 26650 batteries in stock (and at a good price) is kinda becoming difficult. And, it’s only gonna get worse with more 26650 MODs dropping almost every single week. Well, 101vape has your back. They just placed the MNKE ... Read More »

Engima RDA Atomizer Clone $7.90-8.30


Here’s a nice surprise. Fasttech just stocked the Engima RDA atomizer clone in stainless steel or brass. Both feature (2) air holes, (3) posts, laser etched logos & a brass contact. And with each purchase… you get to one step closer to joining the Freemasons. Just kidding. Or am I? ... Read More »

Hurricane Vapor Bulk Pack $39.96


I just wanted to throw this out there for all the Hurricane Vapor junkies out there. Right now, the Hurricane Vapor Bulk Pack (5 flavors) is on sale for $39.96. That basically breaks down to about $8 per bottle. Which BTW is a 20% discount off of their regular bottle ... Read More »

RTSvapes Easter Savings Sale


I just received an e-mail on the RTSvapes Easter Savings Sale. So, here’s the heads up. First off… you can use the coupon code “EASTER25″ to save yourself 25% off of 36mg, 48mg or  60mg liquid nicotine. Or, you can use the coupon code “EASTER20″ to save 20% off of ... Read More »


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