Vaporskinz Custom IPV2 Skin Giveaway


VaporSkinz Custom IPV2 Skin Calling all you IPV2 Users or just some GOTSMOKIANS that have you been looking for some nice skins to set your mod apart from the rest of them… VaporSkinz.com want to give away some GOTSMOK Custom Mod Skinz that are fit for the IPV2. I put one on ... Read More »

Mutation X V2 Style RBA $42.00


This just hit my desk… Thanks to TJ for bringing it to my attention. There is a PRE-ORDER going on for the Mutation X V2 Style RBA. As far as I knew Indulgence didn’t make a V2 so I don’t know if you can classify this as part of #CloneWars. ... Read More »

Samsung 25R 18650 25A Battery $16.94


With how hard it is to get our hands on the VTC4/5… I think it’s time to move on to more available batteries. A prime example would be the Samsung 25R. They are available in a two pack on eBay for just $16.94 with FREE STANDARD SHIPPING included. Or, if ... Read More »

Kato Square Style Mechanical Mod $42.00


Just came across this deal at Gearbest for the Kato Square Style Mechanical Mod. I know they were running a similar deal for this mod a few weeks back with a coupon code, but this time around there is no coupon code necessary. If this mod is your thing you ... Read More »

Wood 18350 Mechanical Mod $14.76


7 different versions of a wood 18350 mechanical mod have hit the virtual shelves over at FastTech. And get this… they each costs just $14.76 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. From the descriptions… they are made from brass and wood so performance should be decent. But seriously… they look pretty ... Read More »

iPhone 5 Vape Case (Also Fits 5s) $21.60


Here’s a quick strike deal for the GOTSMOK community. Vaporbeast has the Iphone 5 Vape Case on sale for just $21.60. That’s 80% off the MSRP! Also… I would try to use the coupon code “YEAHBABY” or “WOWZY” at checkout to save an extra 10% off. Hey, it can’t hurt ... Read More »

Fatbaby 100 Watt By Project Sub-Ohm $95.00


The Fatbaby 100 Watt box mod by Project Sub-Ohm has gone live! Head over and check it out. There are 2 colorways to choose from, black or silver. The Fatbaby 100 watt mod features: full aluminum body, capable of firing 0.2 ohm – 3.0 ohm build, engraved with Project Sub-Ohm logo ... Read More »

Robot XIII Style Mod $29.26


The Robot XIII Style Mod looks pretty sick doesn’t it? I’m a big fan of how the combination dark wood and brass looks on this one. Or maybe its just the fact that this is a pretty unique design that you don’t see people using on an everyday basis. Very ... Read More »

MXJO 18650 Battery (2 Pack) $17.40


The last time I posted the MXJO 18650 battery, they were $17.50 for the 2 pack… I now 10 cents isn’t that big of a savings, but hey… a deal is a deal! Not to mention these batteries are pretty beast. If you haven’t tried them yet, do yourself a ... Read More »

Gi2 Style Mod 100 Watt Variable $128.99


Heres a nice little deal on the Gi2 Style Mod. This is only about 4 bucks more than Fasttech and it comes with free shipping out of Southern California so you won’t be waiting to play with your vape gear. I’ll include a link to both below, but for me ... Read More »


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